Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rain, Dentist, Baby and Intuition

We started out the morning with rain...lots of rain. The temp had dropped to 46degrees. We do need the rain...I'm just not nuts with rain and cold mixed together. We did need it though, so I'll be nice. It did stop raining just in time for me to go to the dentist though...whoopie. No freezing ice to keep me from having to go, so I went. Got the pearls cleaned with the new ultrasonic thingy. I must say, it Did get me in and out much quicker...and it's painless. When I returned to the office, my big Baby Crystal was sitting at my desk scanning and downloading pictures for her Wordless Wednesday post...LOL....wordless and Crystal just do not go together!!! So you'll have to hop over there tomorrow to see what she post. I'm courious as well.

I've also been trying to "hone" my intuition more lately. Must be working. Last night, I saw this really "short film" of someone looking at me, reaching over to my secretary's office door, grabbing the handle and slamming her door shut...then they looked at me...smiled...and that was it! Well, I get to work this morning at the usual 6:30ish, when at 7:00 Crystal says, my secretary's on the phone...not coming in till after lunch.....Hummmmm.....Now the question!!! How often do things like this happen to you??? Do you ever get these "feelings" about things, or you just "know"? And YES, I expect answers to my questions....there will be a test later!!!LOL
Now that I've throughly yanked your cords...have a warm and happy night.