Sunday, September 16, 2007

A New What?

Well you might know things usually happen in threes or in our case, twos. Yesterday it was the stopped up sink. Last night it is the Air conditioner. We purchased the last unit in 1994. This one is still around on a wing and a prayer. We heard water dripping like crazy inside the unit's closet. So, Hubby determined the condensate line was not stopped up. The water's flow just won't go out the pipe. There seems to be water dripping from right under the coils so maybe it's just rusted out. Who knows. The a/c man was here on Wednesday to clean it...hum...not going there. He's been our "across the street" neighbor for over 30 years and has worked on our a/c needs for just as long. His wife's Mother died last week, their oldest son's wife is battling ovarian cancer, and his own Father is fighting throat cancer. So, do you think I'm going to say anything? No Way. We'll suck it up and replace the old leaky thing.

Hubby just reattached the electrical line to our attic fan. Wonderful. Pulls in that cool air from outside. It's 74degrees here right now and I'm loving it. Well I don't know what's left that needs to fall apart. We've replaced or remodeled just about everything we can think of. So, that said, while I sit here with an umbrella over my head, wishing you a great night and a much better tomorrow.