Friday, March 19, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (3-20-10) Fruit/Macro

Kiwi of my favorites....

WHAT??Hahaaaa...Well, I DID have to sample it!
And Tomatoes! YES they ARE fruit!!
OK, that's it for me! Thank you SO much for playing along again! This theme was created by
Thanks Jeanette!! Can't Wait to get going to see all of Your entries...I've been running around like crazy this week. I had Every intention of coming home and getting all this posted when Crystal (my daughter) showed up wanting to burn some photos on a CD...WELL!!! She did I guess and when I sat down to get started, my computer crashed!!Hahaaa....geesus!!! IF you do NOT have an Anti-Viral program on your computer, GET ONE!! You can Never have too many! I managed to get things back up to the point that I could get back online and download a program called Malwarebytes. Goodness!! It found TWO Trojans and forty four (44) other viruses!!! I THOUGHT my Windows Defender was doing the job but NO!!! I Also have Norton!! Oh Well, the old computer is running like a champ now, SO....Here I come!!!
Have a great day Guys!

Chocolate Fix...and Challenge!

Morning! Just wanted to remind you Brenda Blogger Photo Takers, that the Brenda Photo Challenge is due tomorrow morning! Make sure you have your Fruit/Macro photos up and ready for Visitors!! Can't wait to see the entries!! So, get your coffee pots loaded and ready for some FUN viewing! I know the above Macro isn't fruit...but I needed a CHOCOLATE FIX!!LOL... Y'all have a great day and we'll all see you tomorrow!