Friday, March 19, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge (3-20-10) Fruit/Macro

Kiwi of my favorites....

WHAT??Hahaaaa...Well, I DID have to sample it!
And Tomatoes! YES they ARE fruit!!
OK, that's it for me! Thank you SO much for playing along again! This theme was created by
Thanks Jeanette!! Can't Wait to get going to see all of Your entries...I've been running around like crazy this week. I had Every intention of coming home and getting all this posted when Crystal (my daughter) showed up wanting to burn some photos on a CD...WELL!!! She did I guess and when I sat down to get started, my computer crashed!!Hahaaa....geesus!!! IF you do NOT have an Anti-Viral program on your computer, GET ONE!! You can Never have too many! I managed to get things back up to the point that I could get back online and download a program called Malwarebytes. Goodness!! It found TWO Trojans and forty four (44) other viruses!!! I THOUGHT my Windows Defender was doing the job but NO!!! I Also have Norton!! Oh Well, the old computer is running like a champ now, SO....Here I come!!!
Have a great day Guys!


Janice said...

Wow! I love the texture of the kiwi in the picture.I'm not sure if I've ever had a kiwi. My mouth is watering for the first homegrown tomato of the summer (and I don't even have tomato plants yet)!

Daniela said...

That kiwi photo is awesome. I love it. this was a fun challenge..I can't wait until the next one. I look forward to seeing everyone elses fruity photos...xoxo

Lynn said...

The tomato photo is outstanding, but, so, too, is the kiwi.

I am still getting use to my new camera and did not produce the real macro quality you have with the kit lens.

SOUL said...

these are great -- as usual Donna- but isn't posting early kinda like cheating? or is it just rubbin my senile nose into the fact that yup- i once again have forgotten all about the photo challenge? why do i even try? i forget every single time. :(( and every time -- it seems to be YOU who one way or another reminds me of it.

will you visit me when i land in the old folks home?

do you think 'rotten macro fruit' will appeal to anyone for the challenge?
because , really.. it is all i have on hand -- :((

i'll post it in the A.M
dare me?
you know i'll do it.
cuz i'm me --
hugz --
and g'nite-

Brenda said...

Wow!!! Now those kiwi are up close and personal! Love your shots Miz D!

Norton's is useless!! I have a virus protector, spam blocker/cleaner, and cc cleaner, all free and they work much better than any I've ever bought.

wenn said...

i love tomatoes!

Jeanette said...

Love your photos..thanks for using my idea (sorta!) I had a virus crash my computer a few months ago. What a pain in the butt!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Good Morning! Stopping by to see your Fruit Photo Theme challenge ~ Love what you shot! Especially the tomato with its bright color and water droplets!

Nice visiting!
Kindly, ldh

Ann said...

Love the kiwi and tomatoes, of course I wouldn't want them together but just saying :)

wow 2 trojans and 44 other viruses. I have norton, maybe I should check out malwarebytes too

Jeanne said...

Great angle on that kiwi Donna. This really got me jonesing for those fresh fruits. Yikes! on the nasties in your computer. I'm really anal running spysweeper and my Trend Micro AntiVirus. I sweep a few times a week. Glad all is better now. Fun challenge! You know me, gotta give it my own spin hehe.

Sally said...

Awesome shots, Donna. The tomatoe's; man, I LOVE those!!

I need to get w/Ms Brenda as I just paid for Norton again, and notice NO difference in the way my computer is acting up.

Have a great weekend. It's almost time for the WEDDIN'. :)

Kim, USA said...

Love your macros here. Happy weekend!

My Fruit Macro

SOUL said...

i said by 10
i have time
you will never beat me
bwa hahahahahaha
go look at ten :))

SOUL said...

ok , so i lost the bet-- by 7 minutes... the photos were taken, but the rest of time was spent uploading them. puter malfunction. but hey no excuses-- i'll take my loss--

i hope the sun is shinin on you-- it's rainy here-- but it beats snow
did i say that already?
geesh just take me to the pound would ya?

Donna said...

Hahaha, look at those bee-you-tee-full photos!!! High-five it, girl! Love the little hairs on the kiwi, and then you slicing right into it! And those juicy tomatoes... Wonderful job, all round.

Durn those computer viruses! I have McAfee and it's worked great. Have to convert to Norton soon, thanks to a switch by Comcast. Ugh.

Sandy Trefger said...

Oh yum! These all look so delicious! Bummer on the computer crash, what a pain!!! Glad it's back up and running.

Anonymous said...

I love all three of these. They are just excellent. I wish I could take macros this well. I almost did a tomato but then thought differently. Brilliant my friend :)

Jacqui said...

Great shots - i'll never look at a kiwi fruit in the same way again! x

Nita Jo said...

Donna, I actually did play, but not till this afternoon. Then, I accidentally put my comment under the chocolate post. Here it is:

Love your pictures! The kiwi looks delicious. I'm running late and just now got my photos up! Such a hectic week that I nearly forgot. Now I'm hungry for chocolate... I'll just have to make do with a slice of the Sherrie's Lemon Pie my son brought me last!

My whole week has gone like this, but it's Spring and a gorgeous day here so now I can put my crazy week behind me!

Nita Jo

Dorothy said...

Wow this is my first visit here and the color and depth of the pictures is so beautiful.

Dorothy from grammology

Donna said...

I love kiwi and tomatoes both!

Glad to hear your computers back and working. McAfee works great!


antigoni said...

I'm sorry about your computer problems. I love your photos! And tomatoes are fruits if you have plenty of them. When i feel a bit hungry, I take a tomato with a little salt and i'm OK. See you! Have a great week.

Donna said...

Thanks Everyone!! I'll have the Next Challenge posted by this evening!!