Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Woke UP this Way!

...I woke up this way...I did...Seems like the More I do, the LESS I get done! Jobs are coming out of the woodwork, I Swear it! I'm seriously trying to find my mojo...It's around here somewhere.
I also called the phone company...AT&T!!! I no longer need the flippin $30 "don't call, no call, who are you call, hide the call, find the call, I don't Want to call" package... The woman ended by saying "Well, Thank you Mrs Pi**ed Off, you've just saved $17 dollars on you phone bill..." I hate math...but I Need math so I USE math. I cancel a $30 dollar package and I end up saving $17....I told her (after a BIG hearty laugh) "Oh yes! I forgot! I need to pay all those Universal Taxes for crackheads to have cell phones..." No problem. I Give UP! You could "hear" her smiling on the other end of the line...And then she says the line we all hate to hear..."You have a nice day...!" HAhahaaa....THEN! I call Direct TV to DUMP the HBO useless package...You Don't want to know how THAT went! Lets just say, when I say "I want to cancel the HBO package", it does NOT mean that I want to ADD Anything Else!!! GEEZZZ!!!!
I think I'll just go into the bathroom and check my ears again...I think they've turned red by now...I need pie...Chocolate pie. You have a nice day now...Hahaaaa....


SOUL said...

awwww geesh, i feel so bad for you-- you're havin a soul day :((
now turn that frown upside down and eat chocolate PIE!
if i wansn't so flippin tired i'd go go buy you some with a nice hot cuppa.
but-- i'm sittin here fallin asleep between sentences as it it is-- not on you r blog-- it's everywhere.
i must sleep.
catchya later-
hope your day finds you in a better place - ;))
hey-- we're half way to friday! that has to account for somethin, right?
hugs pal

Donna said...

Brenda- Ain't it the truth!Hahaa...Halfway...Is it Friday Yet??
Have a good sleep girlie!

Gordon said...

Oh what a day you had! I hope that frown is gone now.

Donna said...

Gordon, Almost...I Did get peach cobbler at lunch..not chocolate though!

Chicken Boys said...

I soooo have to laugh at you! Cause you deserve it! LOL! ROFL! LMAO! A little secret...I don't have a house phone, someone else pays my cell phone bill as a gift, and my (basic) cable was hooked up when I moved in. I don't get a bill and I don't tell the cable company. I used to be a CSR, and I still sort of am, as I spend a good part of my day on the phone with our customers. I assure you, I do NOT patronize or talk down to them. I follow NO coaxed conversation piece, and I do NOT push products I am quite sure they do not want!

Jeanette said...

Once I called the phone company to complain about yet another phone bill that was way higher than I thought it should be, and got an explaination that didn't make any sense to me whatsoever, when the operator asked me if there was anything else she could do for me I said, "Yeah, send me to disconnect, I've had it with this bulls***!" Ha! Haven't had a land line since!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ha,ha,haaaa Bad day for you makes some funny blog reading though!
I cannot stand dealing with any service providers!!!

Ann said...

I'm sorry Donna but I just can't help but laugh. You have the most hysterical bad
Seriously though, making those phone calls is soooo annoying especially when you get the pain in the butt people on the phone.

Sally said...

Oh, I SO get it!!!! You don't want me to get started, but I will tell u about last night.

The phone rings: "Is this Ms.C" Yes.
Are the last 4 #'s of your SS# ----?
Me:excuse me, who are you with?
Cit* Bank; r the last 4 #'s etc?
Me: I don't do business with Cit* bank!
Yes, you do. You have an account.

What acct would that be?

Ma'am if u would just cooperate; and answer my question about ur SS#.


He hung up.

I did make brownies after that. hahahaha

But peach pie is good too!!! :)

Matty said...

Chocolate pie makes everything better.

Donna said...

Randy! You are in Big trouble Bud!!!Hahahaa...Get in there and get my room clean...I'm moving IN!!
And tell Mike I ain't NO Chickens!!!Hahaaa!!

Jeanette- I LOVE that reponse! Sometimes I Really want to cut loose but I Know the guy on the other end of the line just works for the REAL jerks...And it's not really even THEM! This Gov is getting totally out of control with taxes!!

Cupcake-Gee Thanks!!! If Mike won't let me move in with them, can I come livs witch Choo??? I Want Chocolate Cupcake!!!Hahaa

Ann- Well at least I made you laugh!! This cruddy weather can't last forever! I DO like those boots though!!

Sally!!! OhMyWord! They ARE coming out of the woodwork!! How Brazen! You wouldn't believe how many people actually Fall for it!

Matty!'re the only SANE one in the room! YES! Chocolate cures Everything!!

Donna said...

THAT'S....I ain't chicken!!!LOLOL

Chicken Boys said...

Too funny. Come on over!

JunieRose2005 said...


Donna-One of those days, ehh?

I leave all that stuff to Charles! hahaha

Brenda said...

Ut oh. Direct TV and AT&T in the same day? Lordy, Lordy. If the HBO package is anything like the STARZ package, you were watching movies that have been out on the local channels for a couple of years at least.

Donna said...

Junie- Yeppers, But I made it!Hahaa

Brenda- I know! I told Hubby this morning that I knew of two things we no longer needed...Extra packages on the land line and HBO! Junk TV at its best!!

SOUL said...

:)) hello again.
sleep bloggin at its best.
i didn't remember bein here.
i'm glad you had the reminder on FB.
geesh. what a post
love it!
hugs buddy

bichonpawz said...

wow...I sure can relate to this! I had a similar conversation with our cable company just the other day!! I felt like I must be speaking in a language that she just didn't understand or WANT to understand...what is it about CANCELLING that you don't get???? So aggravating!!! Let's go have some chocolate, shall we?? Hope tomorrow is a better day!!

Nina said...

Donna you are funny!!! :))) nice photos all over your blog! see you soon!

Donna said...

It was funny when DH cancelled our landline phone. It took several calls, LOL! (Well, it was funny to me because HE was doing the calls.) And they ARGUED with him about cancelling! Still sent a bill the next month AFTER we confirmed that our line had been disconnected! OMG, he was furious! More calls and more arguing. We don't EVER want anything to do with AT&T again!

Anvilcloud said...

Are those Shrek ears? If so, how do you expect those big companies to take you seriously? ;)

Joan said...

Way to go! At least you didn't let them walk all over you. They don't back down easy.

Sandy "From the Heart of Texas" said...

Ha, ha, ha. Sorry to laugh but this is soooo true! How is it you can cancel a package that cost $xxx and not save that exact amount. Unbelievable. I hate cancelling things so much that I fear signing up for anything.

Mary Lou said...

Well Stand by! I too canceled my HBO from DIrect TV. I got a fifteen minute lecture on why I should keep it, when I finally said NO!!!!! She said ok. But now I am getting called three times a day to RE_CONNECT my HBO! What part of I DONT HAVE TIME TO WATCH IT do they NOT understand! I refuse to answer any phone call that is not a friend I recognize now!