Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishing We Were in Our RV...Hahaaa

I've always liked Drew Barrymore and can somehow relate to her story. Although...she Does say "like" WAY too much.... I was rummaging around on someones blog and saw this. It's cute if you want a laugh today...
Well, we made it through the weekend. Kept Will, The Thrill, grandson, Saturday night. Lets see...a shopping trip to Toys R Us for some Legos...Watched three movies (Karate Kid, The Prince of Persia and Ironman 2) while Will built some jet fighter thingy...he's male and mechanical. I do good to brush my teeth in the mornings. Anyway, we got lots of sugars...had lots of giggles and throughly enjoyed ourselves. He's a fun date! Somehow though, it's now Monday and I'm at my desk, here at work...Again! Couldn't go to the bank, and won't be getting any mail because it's Columbus I'll wait for Ken to get back from lunch, pack up Will (no school today either so he's here at the office while Crystal works) and head to the house. Is it laundry day again??? Hope you all are having a Happy day...It'll be Wednesday before we know it!