Monday, October 11, 2010

Wishing We Were in Our RV...Hahaaa

I've always liked Drew Barrymore and can somehow relate to her story. Although...she Does say "like" WAY too much.... I was rummaging around on someones blog and saw this. It's cute if you want a laugh today...
Well, we made it through the weekend. Kept Will, The Thrill, grandson, Saturday night. Lets see...a shopping trip to Toys R Us for some Legos...Watched three movies (Karate Kid, The Prince of Persia and Ironman 2) while Will built some jet fighter thingy...he's male and mechanical. I do good to brush my teeth in the mornings. Anyway, we got lots of sugars...had lots of giggles and throughly enjoyed ourselves. He's a fun date! Somehow though, it's now Monday and I'm at my desk, here at work...Again! Couldn't go to the bank, and won't be getting any mail because it's Columbus I'll wait for Ken to get back from lunch, pack up Will (no school today either so he's here at the office while Crystal works) and head to the house. Is it laundry day again??? Hope you all are having a Happy day...It'll be Wednesday before we know it!


jenn said...

My kids had school today. The rest of the world gets to stay home, but not them. Oh well....just means I had some peace and quiet today! lol!

Donna said...

Jenn, Sorry!!Hahaaa....That peace and quiet can be Awful! But! Someone has to do it!
Hope you enjoyed your Peaceful day Girl!

Ann said...

oh that was funny. I needed a laugh today.
Sounds like you and Will had a great time.

Jenny said...

Three minutes of Drew I'm not sure I can do! LOLOL not a big fan of hers. But I'm glad you had a blast with Will the Thrill! He'll have no trouble living up to that nickname as he goes through life, I'm sure!

Donna said...

Ann, wasn't that cute? I can just picture that happening!!

Jennifer, ahhh... Well, that's alright! And Will IS a thrill!! Hahaaa

Donna said...

Hey, it won't be long until you have vacation time with your hubby! Glad that you survived the weekend, LOL. We're surviving all the upheaval here at the house. The painters actually got done today! But the concrete guys are going to have to come back in a few days. A busted irrigation pipe was under our old concrete and it was like a swamp!

Brenda said...

: ) I'm glad you and Will could get away from work early. When do you and hubby get away for your trip?

Dolores said...

I love to look at Drew.....this was so cute, thanks for sharing!
Hope you have a great week!!!

Anvilcloud said...

We also have a little one (littler than yours) here right now. I'm not sure how she finagled that!

Dawn said...

I love reading about Will the Thrill stories!! Tickles my heart !! *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

Yep, Wednesday tomorrow! Sounds like you're one busy mama!!

CJ xx

Donna said...

Donna, Goodness! All those problems and the house is only a few months old! Hope they get everything fixed Donna!! What a pain!

Brenda, we're leaving out on the 23rd...can't wait! We're SO ready for a few days off!

Delores, thanks sweetie! There's just Nothing like grandbabies!

Ac...Hahahaa...I just don't Know how that could have happened!!!Hahaa...enjoy!

Dawn, I love it when he comes to visit...Hope you're feeling on top of the world Girl!

CJ, Doesn't the time just Fly By?!!! Is it Friday yet??Hahaa

Jo said...

Hi Donna, I was unable to see the movie clip No matter Enjoyed your post. Glad you enjoyed your little guy. This is my last visit from North Africa (sadly) I'll be online and back to blogging in South Africa in two days' time. Till then, blessings and hugs from Jo

Sandy Trefger said...

It's sad when you want mail and keep wanting to check the mail but know there will be no mail. And isn't every day laundry day one way or the other?!! Have a great week

from the heart of Texas

Out on the prairie said...

So you will be driving when you take it out next?Fun post.

Donna said...

Sandy, Laundry day IS everyday!Hahaaa...hadn't thought of it that way, but you're right!

Fred, Hahahaaaaa....Probably not...Hubby thinks he is the Only one who knows what he's doing!

Paula said...

Oh, Donna- this was hilarious! Especially the part "no, you need to.. GET... OUT."
Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh- I really needed it today!

Jeanne said...

I love this! Laughed my *** off! I've returned to the land of the blogging but with a new blog and back on blogger. Linking here. Long story short, there was someone who was seeing and reading that I didn't want to. Tired of missing out on something I enjoy so much so starting fresh without the link in the old one so they can't follow. hehe