Thursday, October 7, 2010

It Never Fails....What's Next and Where's the Tin Foil?

I have been vindicated! Aliens Do Exist because Finally, the Mainstream Media Says it's SO!!Hahahaaaa.....well, they have! It's been Constantly in the news...China's airports keep getting shut down by them...I think I was abducted as well! This has been a WEEK!!!
I'll bet you're wondering where the heck I've been...or not. Well...I've been crashing computers at work and causing refrigerators here at home to heave the last sigh. I like Quickbooks, I Really do, BUT, updating to the newest version is a CONSTANT headache! Last year, Somehow I managed to update to the 2010 version with the help of our office mgr., Ken. But THIS year...the 2011 update was a nightmare! The Server crashed! Oh yeah...Long story short...The Computer Guy is Very thankful for people like me! $$$

THEN!!!! Our refrigerator corked out sometime in the night. Water all over the floor. Hubby and I were flinging stuff out to our drink refrigerator in the playroom (ALWAYS have a back-up plan)! So while the Computer Guy was heaving and sighing (with a slight smile on his face), Hubby and I went shopping. Samsung was singing my song at $1817....omg...and That was after I reminded the clerk that there was a 20% discount on today! ALL refrigerators were WAY overpriced!! So, after Hubby picked me up off the floor, we decided on a delivery date of next Tuesday. Oh yes, I stopped and bought a bag of ice...Do Not scream at me about not buying American! I TRIED!! Right now, and I Hate to say it But, they're Crap! GE, Frigadaire, Whirlpool...all junky...most of the inards are made in China Anyway! You can't win.
So, this looks like the one we bought. I Really like it. Hubby wanted the bottom freezer and I wanted the french doors. I am now finally home trying to reflect on just Where I went wrong at the beginning of this week.....haven't a friggin' clue! SO, if you will excuse me, I need to get in the kitchen and find the tin foil....I feel I may need a new hat....Have a Wonderful night or day...


Daniela said...

oh, you poor thing...I am so sorry you've had a crappy week. I like the new fridge though. I think you will look dandy in a tin foil hat..I really do.


Donna said...


Ann said...

That first picture cracked me up. Sure sorry to hear you had such a bad week. I won't say a word about not buying American, I went looking for a coffee maker a while back and not one in the store was made in USA. It's not easy to find stuff that's made here.

Donna said...

Ann, You're telling ME!! Manufacturing in the USofA is just about Gone!! 'Gotta bring it Back!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Dear....Well just think next week would have to be better....

Jeannette StG said...

Beautiful! Did I miss the brand?
It reminded me on our battle with fridges 2 summers ago -you are right! We wanted a sub-zero (it was given to us so I had no idea about the price) 5K!!! They must be out of their mind-really!

So we settled on a frigidaire ("only" 2k:), but I think it's too much!!),
but I don't like it - it doesn't keep the veggies cool AND dry, and have to throw them out regularly!

Anvilcloud said...

How does it feel to live a charmed life? :)

jenn said...

My mom just bought a new fridge, and it look like this one, only black. She paid a bundle for hers, too. I'm knocking on wood that mine lives a long, happy life.

Dawn said...

I hope mine lives for awhile. I love your new one !! It is a beauty !! I hope you are clear and free of anymore headaches for the rest of the year. You and Larry have a geataway planed this month, right ?!? *HUGS*

Jeanette said...

When it rains it pours, doesn't it! I bought a new Amana refrigerator about 8 years ago for $1400. Had to get the cabinet depth because of where it had to go...anyway three years later we had to replace the whole waterline in the back to the tune of $700 (cheaper than buying a new one!) POS if you know what I mean! Everything you buy anymore is over priced!! Hope you have a good weekend and a better week next week!

Lynn said...

Quickbooks crashed your computer? What a bummer. New fridge looks like the one I would like to have -- the bottom drawer, side-by-side...looks good.

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! You've had some week, Donna. Hang in there!


Out on the prairie said...

Think you are on the downhill glide now. Took my breath away, hate it when things don't work and I can't fix them.With the computers you always make friends with anyone who says they love tham and that is all they play with.You might check the green cards of your workers in the break room in the first picture.Of course they might be real good with computers so be easy on them.

Joan said...

It's a good thing my hubby didn't read this post or he would be giving you an hour lecture about which fridge is the best. And he would finish off his hour lecture by saying "just try to get someone to fix that fridge." lol... Personally I think they are all the same... and not built to last like they used to the extended warranty because all the fridges these days start acting up after 5 years.

Wife of a Appliance Repairman

Donna said...

Cupcake, well, I Hope so! This one's in the Bag!!Hahaa

Jeannette, You just Never know What you're getting 'til you get them home!

Ac, Hahahaa....right...(putting my tin foil hat on now...)

Jenn, make Sure you knock Twice!!hahaaa

Dawn, YES! And I can't Wait! hughugs

Jeanette, Geez Girl! Doesn't matter What you buy anymore! Workers just Do Not Care!

Lynn, Thanks sweetie! Hope it Works as good as it looks!

Donna, Thanks Sweetie! It can Only get better!

Fred, HAHAhahahaaa....I Do think they would be pretty good employees!!

Joan...UthOooooh.....Guess I'm in trouble now....Lets Not tell Gord?!!Lololol.......The Aliens made me do it....?Hahaaaa

Donna said...

I think you need to just sit down with a good bottle of single-barrel KY bourbon and chill for a while! Just borrow some ice from a neighbor until the new fridge arrives! {{{hugs}}}

Donna said...

Donna, Hahaaaa!! I'll be there in a minute!!! Let's Get 'er Done!!!
Happy weekend friend!

Latane Barton said...

You sure it's not Friday the 13th?

Jenny said...

I don't know girl but that aliens-in-the-conference-room pic scared me half to death! Reminds me of too many depositions I've been in! LOLOL but I love your new fridge! Hope you get lots of good years out of it. Unreal, the cost. I would've fainted too. And you WERE missed, BTW!

Janice said...

So sorry you have had a bad week. Its been a crazy one here as well - never seen the likes of sooo many rude customers that have been so mean.
No appliance broke this week, but husband informed me last night that the 20 year old washing machine sounded "bad" and that we might should form a "plan".

Donna said...

Latane, Hahahaa....I THINK it Was!!! Don't work too hard on that new kitchen!!

Jennifer, LOLOLOL...They Are a bit scary but like Most of my employees...harmless!
Thanks for missing me!

Janice! Oh No! I Remember that sound...$$$!!!!Hahaaaa...good luck Girl!

CityMom2 said...

Howdy Donna!
I thought you were decorating for Halloween (at first glance). I agree with Joan...most things are made of junk so you HAVE to replace, not repair. don't recall if you saw my repairing the dryer post but that is different. I don't do water & electricity. I love the deep freeze look.
This week will be better!

Brenda said...

I'm so sorry your week was so icky but I LOVE the new fridge. I sure hope that old thing of ours lasts cause I never knew those fridges could cost so much.

Brenda said...

PS I agree with Daniela about the tin foil headwear.

Donna said...

Hi Ellen! You're SO Right! They HAVE to keep selling the product!
Have a great Sunday Girl!

Brenda, Hahahaaa....Love my new tin hat!
And watch Out for sticker price! AWFUL!

JunieRose2005 said...

:) Hope your weekend has been restful!



Donna said...

Lots Better Miz Junie! I'll get there!Hahaa