Thursday, April 1, 2010

Have Pity On Meh!

Sitting on the patio when I look up and see this Wisteria growing in a tree on our fenceline! Gorgeous! The smell is wonderful!
Home after a tough day at school...William

Samantha's having NONE of the's good for her.
And School work...Are you dumber than a 4th Grader???? Can you say YES???LOL!!! Geez people! Every night this week it's been School around here...At least two hours a night. Spelling words, math....I think I'm ready for my SAT's! I Think I can even tell time properly now. More than...Less than....Uggggg...But we made a good grade!! Hahahaa......
SO! Now you know what I've been up to this week instead of doing the "Gamma" stuff...My washing machine has been run NIGHTLY (instead of weekly)...We've gone through TWO gallons of milk...HOW do you young people DO this??!!!Hahaa...I think God is good to older people in that he has removed our memories...It's like the childbirth experience, gone!
Now I do believe I'll pry myself off this chair and crawl to the coffee maker...Wonder if there's any left from this morning...NOT!!! Just kidding!!! I'll make fresh if I can reach it!! Night all!