Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Sconey Sunday!

Larry made scones AGAIN....That ground up yellow curly stuff in the top photo is butter....oh yeah.  When he's cooking, I'm constantly having to look in the kitchen to make sure it's not Paula Deen.  This is a Real Butter household, has been for years.  Margarine contains the same stuff plastic bottles are made of...and even though at times I feel like my smile has been "plastered" on (as in fake, plastic)  we do our best to go along with Mother Nature.  I'm sick and tired of the constant changes in opinion of all the Super Thinkers in Washington who think they know what's best for my family..."They" can never make up "their" minds on the safe qualities of an egg much less, butter!  I say, let them eat cake made with the plastic stuff...euwwww!  Hubby also has mastered the old trick...of which I taught him... :o],  to grate the butter instead of waiting an hour or so for it to soften.  Works grate (pun intended)!
We have done Nothing except work....boring, I know.  Hope you all have been having Much More Fun!  I'm going in for another coffee then I'll be hopping over to your worlds!
Happy Sunday!