Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What In The World Am I Doing?

Hell If I Know!!!LOLOL...Geez I'm CRAZED today!! Thank God for my blogger buddies!! You really know how to zero in on me these days!...Yes, I'm throwing a fit over the children leaving (quietly...behind a closed bathroom door)!! How Dumb is That?!!! Crystal and the kids Need to Fly! Be on their own!! I Know this, down to the soles of my feet! I'm thrilled for her!!.....Excited!!....hummmm..........she's my best friend and I'll miss Our time together....That's it, isn't it. Yep. Thanks Brenda (O-Wizzend One) and Sally (ObieWan Swanobie)LOL...and Miz Dawn for the cage rattle......I NEEDED That!LOLOL.....I'm better, I swear! I Really want to enjoy, Her joy, and dumbness just gets in my way!

I need to start a list. There are So many things that I need to do for me and Hubby's world. I'll get busy....I Never stop laughing or loving....I'm worse than that pink bunny. Thanks for listening ya'll!!!