Saturday, June 13, 2009

Doing Nothing Day...

SO NICE! We've just putzed around today, doing nothing! Went to the grocery store this morning...forgot my list so we played the Guessing Game...Hahaa...I'd say, "Did we need This?"...he'd say, "Sounds good!"...Hahaa...Eighty bucks later we were out of there and on our way to...STARBUCKS!!LOL...What??? I've got a Bucks card and it was loaded with thirty dollars soooo....LOL! I've also played around on my IPhone...trying to learn all the things you can do with it. Had to buy a book on it though. I had an IPhone Touch but my grandaughter, Samantha had salivated over it for so long that I promised that IF she passed into the ninth grade, I'd give it to her...she it's hers. I uploaded an old movie from YouTube starring Margaret Rutherford...I Love her! She played Miss Marple in the early days. I could watch old English movies all day long!
So that's about it for me today...Resting and Resting some more...Hope you all have a Happy and safe Saturday night!!