Saturday, March 9, 2013

Black & White and Words Challenges

Can you say Two Birds with One Photo?Hahaaa....They were both due today!  I was trying to figure out a graceful way to do them both without it looking tacky and Hubby simply said (BEFORE I HAD A CHANCE TO REFLECT!!!Hahahaa), "Make it a black and white photo of words...Duh!!"  I love my hubby...I love my hubby...WHAT???Hahaaaa.....
I used my original PollyAnna (published 1913) book for the words and I used Florabella Actions for the Black and White effects.  
Now for the Words Challenge, hosted by Brenda (What's Up Down South)  of  Brenda's Photo Challenge blog, click HERE.
For the Black & White Challenge, hosted by Donna of Cottage Days, Donna  has created a blog called, A Personal Photo Challenge!  Go HERE.
Did you understand all that?? either!
Hope you go and visit the other participants!!  These Challenges have always been such fun!  Go have a look.....
Happy Saturday!