Sunday, May 19, 2019

Sam and Everett's Engagement Photos...

full photo

I cropped this shot...I think it looks better.  At least the subjects are the kids and not the tree...Sam's (granddaughter) favorite photographer, Maddie, who took their prior photos (scroll down), wasn't available to do her official engagement shots so she knew someone else who is good as Maddie.  I must admit though, I think she did a great job on these!  I really like the photo with the pink background...very chic!
Speaking of chic...ken...Hahaa...ok, so we weren't speaking of chicken BUTT, it was time for chicken and waffles.  I could eat this every darn day...:o)

Well, it's been raining here, tons!!  Flooding everywhere...drainage pipes in the ditches are stopped up and really need cleaning out, all over the neighborhood!  Imagine getting two to four inches of rain in an hour and a half...water has no where to go.  Larry's heading back to city hall with his videos.  City hasn't cleaned culverts out in years!
Well, guess I'll close for now.  Heading over to check on you...Stay warm, dry or cool, where ever you are!!