Sunday, September 4, 2016

Mojo's and Drying Paint...

Samantha and Everett
Fresh frozen greenbeans
Chicken thighs done in the oven

Wedding cake cupcake

Peach Cobbler recipe from years ago

Those same frozen green beans with pork roast
Dessert?  Yep, Banana splits

Sorry about being tardy as of late...lots going on.  All positive things really but none of which I can be yakking about here on the blog...yet.  It would probably bore you to tears anyway so, moving on.....
Sami has never been happier... Young Master Everett (the boyfriend) is a sweetheart.  Hard worker and treats Sam wonderfully.  Can't ask for much more.  
Made a pork roast with fresh green beans...turned out Very well.
Had to follow up with a banana split...WHAT?  You NEED sweetness in your life!Hahaa
Now see?  Isn't this post just the MOST boring thing you've ever read?Hahaa....Honestly, Larry and I are trying to find our mojos.  We hate empty nesting...but we ARE trying to figure it all out.  Then you get hit with Social Security, Medicare, choices galore...come here, go there....geeezzzzlouise....Work is slow...trying to figure that out as well.
SO...While the "paint dries" on all of my non-important issues, I'll come by your place...always much more interesting!