Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Christmas Challenge...

Yes...I laid down the law...I challenged a blogger buddy (an Extremely talented one) to get in the Christmas mood (like anyone listens to me).  I know it's hard to not have that bah humbug feeling when you feel your day is already so jam packed (I know the feeling) with tons of things to do. ..I said, post a picture every day, on your blog, showing how you are preparing for Christmas...hanging an ornament, baking a cake or cookies...watching that favorite Christmas movie...disasters like breaking an ornament or burning the cookies...or maybe something as ordinary as my photo of our front counter here at work.  Boring, I know, but...I had to throw something up there because I think she's going to kick my butt if she reads this...Hahaaa...I also ain't posting her name...momma didn't raise no fool!
Now, if YOU want to join in, just leave a comment here and say, "photo", and we'll all come over to check it out.  Can't promise a bunch of lookers (so many of my old blogger buddies no longer blog, which is a darn shame) but even if no one does it, I the Christmas bells ring!