Sunday, December 11, 2016

December 11th...Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp...

Well...I made a crisp...I a 9x13 inch pan no less.  It's big.  Guess I didn't visualize the finished product too well...Hahaaa....but boy is it good!  You just can not find a better taste than rhubarb.  It just imparts that balanced amount of tartness you look for when making these things.  Anyway, I like to start baking and taking at least three quarters of what I make, to the shop for the employees at Christmas.  I don't always manage to be this industrious but since the challenge, I'm finding that I'm getting off my butt and getting into the spirit more...and that's a good thing.
Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!


Sally said...

That looks mighty good! My brother would have loved it. One of his favorite things and Mom would make him a pie when he would visit. Such a lovely memory Donna. Than you. As for me today? The little monkeys went home this morning so I'm taking the day off. Lol

Thank you for the card. Xoxo

Ann said...

oh boy that looks good. I bet the people at the shop love it when you bring stuff in

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Rhubarb rocks!!!!! :-)

My husband has been growing it, for years and years. And he loves a pie. Although I'd rather make a crisp. 'Cause I have to make my own pie crust, with a pie, and that's work. lol. Everybody loves my crust, so I can't cheat. But it is work.

He is due a Mincemeat pie, soon. :-) Mincemeat in a jar. They are delicious, even though the name doesn't sound very good.

I can't eat any of this. Have had to be Gluten Free, for years. And I am not eating added sugar, to help with my knee pain of arthritis. Sugar makes inflammation, which causes arthritis pain. PAIN is a marvelous motivator!!!!! :-)

I will continue to post a HOLIDAY themed pic, every day, for you!!!!

But I think you are now in the mood, anyway.

But why not bring on the *HOLIDAY SPAM*? The season does not last long.

Sparkles and sugar plum hugs,
Luna Crone

Michelle said...

This looks/sounds delicious!

Jenny said...

My mouth is positively watering at that picture. Rhubarb is great and made into a crisp, just fabulous. Make it BIG every time!!! More love and joy to go around. Merry Christmas! xoxo

Out on the prairie said...

Looks perfect to me. I ate a half pan when the lady who gave me the recipe made me a batch for doing some work around her home, a little too much.yummmmmmm

Sandy Trefger said...

Well, yum. It looks delicious!!