Saturday, December 8, 2007

I'm Done and The Bishops Wife

Yes I Am!!! I'm finished with the shopping! All of it! Snacks, treats, mailed Christmas cards Friday...except for several that I need the addresses Oh, and did I say everything is WRAPPED?.....Oh my word. The stress has lifted and the fun can commence! I originally set my goal for December 1st, but as you well know, I didn't make it. Well, a week later's least I won't begin now and pray I finish by Christmas. Joy, Joy, Joy!!!
And is any of it charged? NO NO NO!!!! lol I always start adding to my Christmas account at the credit union every Friday. That's ALL it's for. I've done that for years. NO Stress!!!
Went to town this morning, came home, wrapped the last of the goodies and made reindeer cookies for little William. Yesterday while in town (walmart) getting the stocking stuffer items, I found a great little toy that makes espresso or cappuccino. It's a Mr Coffee. Price? $29.95!!! And you know what? It taste better than the stuff you get at Starbucks!!! Foam? Lasted till the last drop of coffee. Hubby and I had talked about getting a big Capresso Ultima. Does it all. Coffee..Espresso and Cappuccino. WHAT??? $999.00.....listen people...We are financially able to buy it....Is it a dumb purchase? You bet it is. Mr Coffee made us happy.
I'll now leave you with another wonderful old Christmas movie, The Bishops Wife starring Cary Grant, David Niven and Loretta Young.
Well, guess I'll run in the kitchen and make Mr. Coffee do his thang...Yall have a happy evening and I'll see 'ya tomorrow.