Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st..and Several Announcements!

Good Morning Everyone! Did you get enough Candy last night?Hahaa...We've had candy on hand for a blooming WEEK now...think I've had enough for awhile! We had ZERO Goblins come visit...No knocks on the door...Oh well, guess all the crackpots and mean spirited people in this day and age have thoroughly RUINED Halloween in these parts! Unless you take kids to the mall, to structured events, or to new neighborhoods with young children, you're going to be left out of all the fun! Our block has been here for over 40 years...the kids are all gone. Our Granbabies were either off to friend's houses or with their father...Am I too old to adopt at 58??HAhaaaa...probably...Those 2AM feedings are Tough!!
Did you also remember to set your clocks BACK an hour last night(USA)?? I have the clocks that do it automatically FOR you, so no worries here. It's done!
Also! I'll have the next Brenda Photo Challenge set up by this afternoon. It's ALSO going to be the last one, on the every TWO week schedule! During the Holidays, it's just too hard for everyone to do it so frequently, SO, I'm knocking it back to Once A Month. That Should give everyone enough time to get out and take photos and get them posted WITHOUT stressing! Well, I can't think of anything else except...don't forget to go back to the Challenge Blog and check for late comers! We've had several! ALSO!! Miz Brenda of What's Up Down South has had Internet problems for almost a week now, so Don't panic! She DID NOT...I repeat...DID NOT run away with Jose....LOL
Hope you use the extra hour today, doing something truly remarkable...and FUN!!
PS- Don't you just Love the word,,,Also...?Hahaaa