Sunday, April 6, 2008

This and That Sunday

Pink Rose


Willian and his Leggo thingy

Samantha and her...cell phone..LOL

Well, this morning Hubby and I started packing up things to take over to the trailer. Shoes, socks, magazines...movies. I took some foodstuffs from our pantry so I wouldn't need to go on a huge grocery store expedition. We're only going to pack the trailer with the basics as far as food is concerned. They've got a grocery there. If we Know we'll be eating out some of those days, I certainly don't want meat sitting in the refrigerator. It just takes up space and adds weight that's unnecessary. Now, all we have to do is concentrate on clothes from home. Hubby already took care of the tires, gas, etc. Now we do the last minute things...Wait...LOL.
Got out in the yard yesterday. Hubby mowed the lawn and trimmed it up...edged. I went out and found one of my Pink roses had started to bloom, so I got some shots of it along with some snapdragons...yes, all pink...LOL...WHAT?!!
When I uploaded my camera, I found a couple of shots of some "little people"! William built that Lego's thingy himself...(no help from Anyone) and Sami...well, see that phone beside her?...then you Know what she was doing!LOL
Well, guess I'll get back to trying to learn how to email pictures from my phone to the laptop. Why can't it EVER be easy?? Happy and sunshiny day to you all.