Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gotta Let the Fan Blow Up My Gown!

I use to ask Mama, "What 'cha gonna do today Mama?", and she'd say, "Well I'm just gonna lie back and let the fan blow up my gown!" It's that kind of day today. It's 80 degrees with a slight breeze. Fan blowing weather! I love fans, I love wind. Any of you out there remember flipping over your pillows at night to sleep on the cold side? "Restless leg syndrome"?'re just trying to find those cold spots in the bed.

Another horse update...The Vet here in town did everything he could to eliminate the infection in Red's leg. Surgery, observation....Antibiotics you say??? Did he prescribe an ANTIBIOTIC??? You got it , NO HE DID NOT!!! Can you believe it? Sister was giving him some she had used on another horse but it wasn't enough. She drove him to Texas A&M University animal hospital in Bryan. He had surgery. 50/50 chance of making it. Please send prayers.

Well, guess I'll find something to do. Y'all have a good evening and a better tomorrow.