Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Thanksgiving Eats and Being Grateful...

Family...Will, Crystal and Tim
Everett and Samantha...

"William!  Be still baby so Gamma can get the shot!  Will!!  Stop talking!!  Gotta love him!

Home made pralines...yes, I made these!  Recipe HERE

The BEST peanut brittle...EVAH!!!  If it was any better, I'd have to slap myself...Recipe HERE

Light and crispy

Dirt Cake...(Oreo Cake, full of chocolate pudding, cream cheese and powdered sugar and whipping cream) Recipe HERE

Libby dreaming of bigger things...

Toffee!!  I made the BEST toffee!  Recipe HERE

The turkey was yummy...super moist

And the family sat down to eat...we were very grateful!

Now...Onward and Christmas!
Hope you all are having a happy and peaceful week!