Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday and I've Been Doing...What??!!

Cooking???...Gads, let me sit down! (straddles chair while fanning face with cuptowel)!LOL...YES...I've been in the kitchen turning out three hots today! Well, two hots and one cold. I made breakfast...eggs, bacon, with wheat toast and coffee. French toast for the kiddies with heated grape jelly..(Yuck), but that's what Sami likes...Will likes just plain syrup. Turkey sandwiches for lunch and now I'm doing bar-b-qued chicken, potatoes with sauteed onions and extra fine green beans with butter and almonds for dinner. And there's always strawberries (the size of your baby's fist) with whipped cream. WHY am I the Hubby Almost always cooks on the weekends?? Well...I came into the kitchen to get my coffee at 6:45am...Hubby's in his chair, reading. I say, "Would you like me to cook a wonderful breakfast for you (innocence...all over my face)"??
He starts to started out softly...then became enhanced, a little louder. Oh Hell no, he didn't..."Dear?...I have cooked before...I even know how to turn on the stove" I said..., "In fact, I shall be cooking all the meals today And all of next week (dratted Spring will be at daycare so I will also be doing the dinner time meals because Crystal will pick them up at 4:45pm) "So, that means You can carry out the trash"..."That's fine by me (smirking the whole time)" Hubby retorts (love that word..LOL)
The Day has clicked along's slowly coming back to me. Turn knob, flame comes on...piece of blooming cake!! LOL....UNTIL!!!

"Honey? Where do you keep the charcoal?"....Time stopped for Hubby...a vision appeared in his mind...Wife wants to use My Grill!! My Brand New Grill!!!!....I've never seen him move that fast! My beloved Hubby, throwing himself out the back patio door...why is he running?? "But Honey!! I'll do it" I said. "Oh No Dear! I Really don't mind helping..."step away from the chicken now Dear!"he says....Is that a tear I see rolling down his cheek?? Nah, couldn't be! I Know he loves it when I grill! I Only burned a hole in one other pit...years ago.
Oh well, when you look at the pictures, please note, that I really wanted to grill the chicken...honest! LOL......
So here's hoping your evening has gone as well as ours has and that Monday brings you all, happiness and sunshine....