Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's Never Dull Around Here...Add'l Story for the Day

My office manager got a call from his buddy (policeman) this morning, who said there was a perp running our way. He had just stolen a...jacket...from Burlington Coat Factory, and was on the run. Ken called back to the warehouse to warn Tony (warehouseman) that we May be expecting company. No sooner then he put the phone on the cradle, he looks at the camera monitor on the counter and saw this guy running through our back lot and going into the area where we park our vans. He's seen a cop approaching...cop saw Him to...Hahaa...He pulled his patrol car into the gate area, jumped out and started his pursuit...perp tried to hide behind a van but that didn't work...cop saw him and yelled at him to hit the dirt...perp didn't do it. Kept running. Dragging the stolen jacket beside him. Looked like the cop had a gun in his hand...but it wasn't...Taser...Hubby said 50,000 volts...whether that's right or not I have no idea BUT, I Do know the 250lb perp went down, still holding that stolen jacket. At least 8 patrol cars were there at any one given time and there were big smiles all around. That silver jeep in the picture is mine...Thank God he didn't run inside our building...We put our faith in God and Smith & Wesson.
If he was cold, there's plenty of places around here to get a jacket for Free...I'm just wondering where he got that Honking, big gold chain around his neck....
SO, What's new in Your world? I have a feeling things are going to worse before they get better.

Black-eyed Peas and a Private Search Engine!

I added some smoked ham to the peas. Heat it all up and pour over cornbread!!!
It seems like the faster I go, the less I get done!!LOL....My intentions are good but I'm falling seriously behind! And this Weather!! Last Friday and Saturday it was Beautiful here...70's and mid 80's. Monday? 37degrees....Today? 50's warming back up to 72 by Friday! Geez!! Talk about people getting sick!
I've also been listening to all the chatter about Google and their "spying ways"! Well, if you don't want your every search tracked, here's a new search engine! IXQUICK.COM
I'm going to be using it from now on for searching the Web...I really don't want my every move watched!
Well, we've finished up on the blackeyed peas...Finally!Hahaa...I love them with cornbread but enough is enough! I think I want me some Fried Chicken!!!!LOL.....
Guess I'll get busy and get back to work...Ya'll have a Wonderful day and stay warm!!