Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sweets and Ham

Here's Sweet William getting to ride his new push scooter...It's cold so the ride was quick!
Here's a couple of HAMS I found under the Christmas tree. Trying out the new lens. It really does allow more light in. Gotta do some adjusting.
Of course, this is Daughter Crystal, THE Supreme her daughter Samantha...the world's second biggest ham! My little loves...
Well I had posted twice today....WHERE ARE THEY??? Lost, gone....Why??? I didn't do anything different today then I've done....forever! Only the title would post! I think Brenda had the same problem, but got it cleared up. Oh well...If this publishes, it'll be a miracle. Going to get my, "Calgon, take me away". You ladies know what I mean. Hope your day was a fun one and I'll try again tomorrow.