Saturday, December 15, 2007

Santa Came Early!! Oh Yeah!!

AM I HAPPY OR WHAT!!!! Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what I've asked Santa for this year and he delivered it early!!! I'm SO excited!! Santa told Hubby it would be alright if I got this a little early... I have to practice, get it all set up and ready to go for Christmas Morning!! I also went to the bookstore to get BOOKS on photography. Looks like a daunting process, but I'm certainly up for the challenge. You all know how I've griped and moaned about my little HP 537 not putting out images that were nice. The picture above is hopefully the last example of that. We left out this morning around nine to go to a funeral (friend of the family's Mother passed over). Afterwards, we went to the HEB to grocery shop. Brought it all home then as Hubby promised, we went to Best Buy and made the purchase. I was like a kid in a candy store!! The girl who finally waited on us was very astute. Knew her Stuff!! She couldn't have been over 20. This camera can grow as I learn...expensive growth...but grow nonetheless. AM I Happy? You Bet 'Cha!!! lol So, If I can get everything lined up and going, the next picture will have been taken with my new baby!!! So, I'm off to check the charge light on the battery and put the sausage on the grill (It's about 40 degrees and extremely windy outside). DO I CARE? No Way........Back Later!!!!