Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday Bonanza

Happy birthday to Jenn and Phyllis today!! Geez, this is a month full of birthdays. It's also my sister, Ruth Ann's birthday on the 15th. Our SIL's, Debbie, on the 13th and our sweetie grandbaby's, Samantha's 13th birthday on the 23rd...Gosh time is really moving on!! If it's Your birthday this month as well, please let me know!! It's always fun to have a Birthday!! LOL

Well, nothing much going on around here today. The temp is 73degrees and warm...SORRY!! about...the birds are singing and the sun is shinning??LOL.....I do not feel guilty!! LOL(yes..I know...there's always payback)!!! Well, guess I'll try to get this posted. Y'all have a warm and happy night.