Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Ribs and Pugs...

                                 (This photo edit made her look brown...she's not!  She's black)

Morning!  You're probably saying to yourself, "Oh Noooo...more "baby pictures!"Hahaaaaa!
Get over it!Hahaaa.....  Yes, we are having fun with our little Libby.  She weights 2.3 pounds but is a clown, ferocious, playful and  just plain, sweet.  She gets lots of sugars!
Now, that shot at the top?  The Fried RIBS?  Yes, I said FRIED Ribs!  One of our plumbers told us about this wonderful little treat.  Buy some baby back ribs...peanut oil...pull out your little deep frier and fill it with the oil.  What Larry did was dust them with our favorite seasoning and then just put them in the hot oil (electric deep frier at 350 for 8 to 10 minutes...only add about four ribs at a time).
Now that we've done it, we've heard about other places popping up here that soak them in buttermilk, roll in flour and then fry them.  I've eaten  one done that way and it was delicious as well.  In fact, they are ALMOST as wonderful as fried chicken!Hahaaaa.....I said, Almost!
So if you need a good idea for lunch or supper, give it a try! 
Well, guess I'll get busy on some book work....Y'all have a wonderful day!!