Sunday, November 25, 2007

Soggy Day

Well, today is Sunday already! It's cold(40's) and rainy. Has been for the past two days. All you want to do is eat, read or sleep. Television? I just can't be bothered anymore. Drives me insane to have to sit in one spot to watch some of the most....don't get me started. TV these days have really sunk to new lows. News? They're just as bad. Cooking shows? Try watching one you haven't seen over and over again. Where's Julia Child when I need her?
My word, this Thanksgiving holiday went by fast. Christmas is going to be zipping by that fast as well. Gotta make the most of each day. I hope to finish up the shopping this week. I've got my deadline to consider. Self imposed, yes. I'll make it....What??!!

Useless Info: The bishop of London had one of his own sound teeth extracted to show Queen Elizabeth I how easily one of her own rotten teeth could be removed.
(The Ultimate Book of Useless Info by Noel Botham & the Useless Info Society)