Friday, December 7, 2012


Geezzzz.....WHAT a DAY we had yesterday!  We've been busy at work  and , helping out with Hubby's Mom (was in hospital) and Dad (had flu) all week.  Been doing extra cooking for them as well... Last night around 10, Buddy comes running in and jumps up on the bed.  NEVER does he do that!  And THEN...the SMELL...OMGGGG....!!!!  Needless to say, Three baths later HE was huggable again....the HOUSE?  OMGGGG..... It's Horrible!  The smell has even ruined my flippin' Purse!  The attack happened right by our back patio door...I just don't know HOW I'll ever get the stench out!  If y'all have ANY good ideas, Please share!!
We're just Sick!Hahahaaa.....NEVER a dull moment around here!
Y'all try to enjoy your weekend...You KNOW what I'll be doing!