Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ahhhh....Sunday...Peace..and A Little Older

It is really amazing how fast a fun weekend can pass. Already, we are looking at another Monday. Ken (office manager) had to leave, to go to his Uncles funeral, in Illinois. He won't be back until Wednesday so, the Girls (Me, Crystal and Christi) will be running the show. Hubby is usually running around doing estimates so we won't be looking for a lot of help from him. That's alright though...woman conquers much!!!LOL

Well, Samantha ended her birthday weekend on a happy note. Smiling but a bit sleepy and a good time was had by all. Thank goodness.

Hubby and I were up early (why IS that?? SO annoying) and he prepared a wonderful little breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, potato with onions and sausage. A great cuppa coffee to help things along and we were content. Now that it's mid afternoon, I've cleaned a bit, visited my blog buddies and now am watching The Mummy...I know, but I love it. Great background noise.

Guess I'll get busy and get this posted. Here's hoping you all have a happy evening and a wonderful Monday.

While You Wait...Try Cleaning Your Monitor!

Found this over at Dabrahs blog...Too cute!! I'll be back later for my daily post. Have fun.