Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's A Wonderful Life

Here's another favorite from yesteryear. Takes about seven minutes to view so drag up a chair and grab a cuppa coffee or hot chocolate. Better yet, go get the movie, drag the kiddos in, and watch it. It's a tear jerker so bring the Kleenex...

You wouldn't believe how busy it has been here! The call-board is FULL of calls (good thing). Seems everything is either stopped up or there's broken water lines or water heaters are going on the blitz. Here's some information you've probably not thought of; it's called, Water Heater, not Hot Water Heater. Heaters heat the water, therefore you have, water-heaters. I use to call them the same thing years ago until Hubby laughed at me. You learn quick around here.

Well, y'all have a pleasant evening and a better tomorrow.