Monday, March 3, 2008

Chelsea Clinton Pays a Visit

Well, we had a bit of excitement here today....Chelsea Clinton visited our fair town...right next
door from our shop! Oh yes, she had quiet a few people come to her tiny rally. We were milling around the office, doing usual "office" stuff, when Ken says, "Sure are lots of people showing up next door"!.....Of course, we all run to the window to look out and sure enough, lots of cars squeezing in beside each other, trying to jockey for a better parking position. Crystal and Christi are ready for Chelsea's appearance...eating popcorn(yes, we have a popcorn machine for the office)LOL...We finally became aware of all the Hilliary signs that suddenly popped up all over the place, so we waited for her to show up. Come to find out, the secret service must have parked her around the back of the building because she never came or went out the front door. We Did see a white Cadillac SUV pull out rather fast with other cars behind it, so who knows. An SUV? Ahhhh...she must be human!! lol...So, I took as many pictures as I could from the safety of our side window. Crystal ran outside to try to see better but didn't see zip. Oh well, it gave us all something to laugh and have fun with, and we did! Doesn't matter whether you're Republican, Democrat or Independent...When a Celebrity comes to town, your IQ suddenly drops. Ken thought we needed to call McCains office to let him know there were Democrats hiding out next door, but we decided that wouldn't be fair!LOL...(Just Kidding)!!!...WHAT?!!! LOL
Well, y'all have a happy and warm evening or morning...and I'll talk at you tomorrow.