Thursday, March 24, 2016

Waiting on Breakfast...

If you're a pet owner, I'll bet you've spent many a day cooking to an audience.  Oh yes, it's the same at our house.  Rattle one utensil and it's on!  This is the daily scene in our kitchen...Buddy and Libby know their rights.  When we cook, we always make enough for the "babies".  A little bit mind you, but still, enough for a taste.  I have never believed that animals can exist on solely, dry dog or cat food!  All of my babies have had long lives...never less than 15 years and as old as 18 years old.  Having pets on nothing but a "dry" food causes all sorts of hair, bone, and skin (among some) problems.  Lazy Doctors blame most itching on allergies...well, they are partially right...wheat, oats, etc. in the dry foods are not good!
Instead of putting them on all sorts of allergy meds, change their eating habits...Wonder what we'd look like after several years on a "dry" diet?!!
Spring is springing around least it's trying to.  Seventies one day and forties the next.  Crazy weather.  We won't have steady temps for another few weeks.
Well, hope you're having a peaceful and happy Thursday...I'll be around soon to check on you!