Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Look?

Up and Down...seems to be the trend. Rain this morning along with the cold air. I know we need the rain for later in the Summer when we're all gripping about it being So hot and dry...LOL...Humanity, never satisfied!

It was a very lazy day around here today. I got up, and the Hubby and I ate toast with bacon and coffee. The kids were still sleeping. My son's daughter, Ruthy spent the night, so I had to get going to get her home on time. She's such a sweetie. Sami rode with us (Crystal's daughter). Chit chatted on the way to her house, helped carry in her bag and Sam and I were once again on our way back to our house...I look down at the gas gauge to see the "tank low" light's now Really raining. Luckily, there was a Valero station close by so we were saved a 6 mile walk home. I pull into the station and we just stare at each other......"Well, get out and fill 'er up girlie"!.....I said to Sam.....LOL.....another lead balloon. How many of those are you permitted in a week?? Her "deer-in-headlight" expression sealed the deal....(standing in wind that blows in a direct direction down your shirt WITH cold rain added, makes one grateful...for something...LOL...) So, after filling up the tank (GEEZ...$53.06)...we were finally on our way a rather pleasant day, doing laundry (Crystal) cooking (Hubby) and resting (Me & granbabies)...WHAT???....WELL...I had just had a nasty experience at the gas pumps...I was...vapored???LOL.....Night all.