Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Taters and Onions for Supper!

I came home a little early this afternoon and when passing through the kitchen, I looked to my left and saw that we still had some potatoes sitting in my 'tater bowl! OMWord!! Can't let those spuds go to waste!Hahaa....SO! Looking to my right...I saw what would go perfect with them...Onions! Hubby's 'gonna love Me!!! His first words will probably be, "I thought we were on a diet?"
"But Honey! What a Waste it would be!", I'll reply....Hahaa...WHAT?? Yes, the scene is set...the house smells all oniony and sweet...He'll submit...I know he will.....I best go shake my vanilla again and think about this....Happy night y'all!!