Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It Was a Fight, But They're Home...

They made it home at 2:15 this Morning!! Dog tired but safe. They were told they could leave yesterday morning early because everything looked good concerning Tim's ankle...but the Dr. said he wanted to take one more look...right. What was suppose to be a minor delay turned into an ALL DAY affair...Long story short, by 8pm, Crystal finally lost her cool and let 'em have it! The last straw was a prescription the Dr. Did Not Exist...the medication...didn't Exist!! They had driven to five different pharmacies and No Such item existed...SO, BACK to the hospital. The Head of the hospital apologised profusely and eventually the offending physician corrected his GOOF...and they began, Again. I'm just glad they're home, safe and sound!!
Thank you ALL for your prayers!!! I Know it made a difference!!