Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This was Saturday's meal...Lordy, was it Good! I Love a good steak and even better, a side of Sweet Potato...oozing in it's sweetness and butter!
See something unusual about this photo??? This is our neighbor's back yard and his truck. See the rabbit laying underneath it?Hahaaa...He stayed there ALL morning long. Guess the cement was cool on his belly, OR he was waiting on a ride!

I can't believe I haven't posted in a WEEK! No Way! I've been busy cleaning here at the office, at the house, in the yard...Time really can get away from you. It has been in the 80's here and even one day in the low 90s! Makes you want to get out there and clean something!Lolol....Hubby and I have so many projects lined up and not much time to complete them before we have to call it a day. I've also been like a dog with a bone...trying to figure out how to make the "mouse-rollover" effect work on photos within my blog....Hahaaa....GEEZ LOUISE! No such luck. Even the kind Donna at Cottage Days, told us how to do the Animation of photos but that didn't work either...I Can NOT be that Dense! You know how it feels when you WANT to understand something and the answer is just on the tip end of your mind???Hahaaa.....I Swear I'm going to figure it out if it takes me a year!!! Hope you all have a great day...as for me, it's back to the grind.