Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Personal Photo Challenge - Street Scenes

I am SO proud of myself....I am working on this post January 16th!!!  Hahaaaa.....( A LOT of good it did me!!Hahaaa...I  STILL forgot to SIGN UP for the challenge...and yes, this time I'm using the excuse of "the dog ate my homework", literally!  We got a new pup, Olivia, and she is a challenge to keep up with!  This morning I am sitting at my computer, holding Libby, when I look up at the calendar and see...February 8th......8th....something happening on the 8th.....OMG.....Happened Again!  Even the scheduler can't save me!  SORRY Donna!)  
I took the above shot on a very rainy morning on my way to work.  The light was about to change to green...I remembered the challenge, grabbed my IPhone and started clicking.  Not bad for a cell phone photo!  The colors are mainly, just how you see them...I hardly did any editing.  Just brightened the shot a bit.  Hopefully, I see another "scene" sometime before the challenge...otherwise, this will be all I enter.
Have a super weekend and hop on over to see other entries for Street Scenes Challenge at, A Personal Photo Challenge!