Thursday, February 27, 2014

It would take Forever!

WHERE IN THE HECK ARE THE REST OF MY PHOTOS?  WHAT HAPPENED?????  OK, I have NO freaking idea what's happened but I have a sneaky suspicion Google had a hand in it!
Good Lord....what a MESS!  I'll have to start ALL over....Bear with this mess.....Ive now tried to place JUST an image on my sidebar and now you MUST include a "title"...I never had to do this before!  Like my pink rose?  Now it has to have a title.....This may be the end of my relationship with Blogger...If you visit me through IE, no photos...Firefox?  background and 3 or 4 photos are seen...Safari? no photos....SO....I may start using my WordPress account....although I do have a blogger account that wasn't linked to this's going to be a long weekend trying to figure out what to do.....Hang in there with me....I'll be in and out of here all weekend.  I cant get into my WP account because my user ID and password is at home.....sigh....later guys!


Out on the prairie said...

been waiting for Google to delete a message that comes up each time I click saying error with a code.Hope you get help, I never have

Donna said...

Google is notorious for not helping people. Have you tried to go into your Picasa account and see if your photos are still there? Perhaps you got hit by a hacker. You have to be spitting nails by nail - I know I would be! I can e-mail you a blog tech contact if you need or want to hire one.

This is exactly why I keep a placeholder over on Wordpress! The whole Google enterprise is getting too big for its britches if you ask me.


Sandy Trefger said...

Hmmm. What a nightmare for you! I would wait a day or two to see if it all straightens up. Did you add some sidebar pics back? Some I see with no titles and some are a like minus sign. I'm on Chrome. Blogger loaded this comment window VERY slow. So maybe it is blogger and all will still be there???

Sally said...

I had a problem several days ago when I'd click on my blog, all kinds of weird pics showed up; not even mine. After a couple of days, it straightened out. Hope you don't have a v*rus!

Will keep checking back; hope it's fixed soon.

Charlotte Wilson said...

Oh my goodness, what a mess! So sorry that you lost your photos. That is very disconcerting. Yes, Blogger has had a lot of problems and it makes me want to switch also.

The roses in the background are very pretty.

Best of luck to getting your blog back the way you want it.


Cindy said...

I'm hanging in, something happened to me one time and I was a mess. Then we went away and I only took a tablet and oh my gosh another mess. Hope the weekend is productive for figuring it out....wish I could help

Jenny said...

Oh I despise blog-site problems. I think it's insane that different browsers display sites differently. One would think with all the technology that exists, there'd be a standard that would suit everyone. Such nonsense! I hope soon all is set to rights for you. xoxo