Sunday, February 21, 2010

All's Quiet...

All is pretty quiet here on the home front. Haven't blogged in almost a Week! Bad girl! It's been a sad and happy week for us. My cousin Donna, who lives in Connecticut, passed away Tuesday after a nine month battle with cancer...I'm SO damn sick of death...She has a twin, Roni, who is just "out there" in limbo...I wish I were there...And we Still have the wedding to get ready for, even though things are pulling together nicely. Cake and flowers...etc...are done. Dresses, done...Church decorations, done...honeymoon plans, done...photographer Sarah, done.
I did a bit of laundry and cooking yesterday. Nothing much else. Crystal brought Will so he could spend the night. It was cartoons and giggles for the rest of the night...nice.
Well, guess I'll go find something else to wipe, clean, fix or throw out. Y'all have a Wonderful Sunday!