Thursday, September 25, 2008

Splash......and a Happy Surprise!

What a Happy surprise I got today! I have this "sister" that I lost contact with years ago...she was special to me...It was one of those friendships that you make when you're young...You know the kind...your sounding board about life. The one where life is a constant surprise and you get to share it with that one special person. The kind of friend you sit in a tree with...Hahahaaa....and laugh about Everything with....she called me today. We'd lost a lot of time, but the second I heard her voice, it was 1974 again. I'm SO glad you dialed my number Debbe...Here's to your Mom, my Mom and us. May we have joy and laughter....always....<3

If you want to listen to this, go to the bottom of this page and shut off my music box!

"Love came for Me" by Lee Holdridge......It was a fun movie and this is one of my favorite pieces of music. Dreamy....
I've been at the computer here at work since 5am...Too much to do, but before I got started, I made Hubby and I a little breakfast of bacon and eggs. We have a breakroom with a gas range, microwave, refrigerator, etc. He got here at 4am...needless to say, we can't wait until things get put together, updated, closed and we're up and running. Waiting on the computer guy to get here to install 2 hard drives in the server....Geez. So I shall listen to the "Splash" video and dream...Happy night all!