Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everyone's Changing!

My goodness...almost everyone (blog buddies) either is, or is thinking about changing the "face" of their Daughter, included! She was All over her computer last night trying to "find her new look". It Is a daunting task. She changed "faces" once yesterday, and it was "bye bye" to her blog roll! Thank goodness she had most of us saved elsewhere on her laptop! And the availability of really beautiful templates is not good. There Are some, but not the Right one. If you're female, you want beauty with You really can't leave those kinds of things to a stranger. Mr. Pyzam has no idea who I am or what I'm like. Mr. Blogger knows my "likes" even less. I suppose if you want the Right one, the One that says.."That's Me", you'll need to design your own. I'm thinking about doing it. Designing my own. Next and where to start the hunt for the right tools or designers? Perplexing, at this point. I suppose a little Research is called for. So, how about you? Is Spring calling your name for change? I think I'll get busy on that research...and y'all have a fun and happy night!!