Monday, April 23, 2012

Dallas Cowboys and Prom Night...

I leave work for just a FEW days and when I get back and try to post something, I find I need to go back to COLLEGE!!!  I can't figure out how to write anything except by clicking on Caption between each photo!  Oh, this stinks!  What am I doing wrong???  Anyway, lets see...last Wednesday Thursday and Friday Hubby and I went to Arlington, Texas for a plumbing board meeting.  We also took in the tour of the Dallas Cowboy Stadium.  It was pretty cool.  Especially enjoyed the players locker room....WHAT???Hahaaaa.....We returned home Friday night then Saturday afternoon, Crystal, Samantha and her girlfriend along with Aubrey (other Mom) all arrived to begin the ritual of dressing for Prom.  It was a fun time and Crystal and I got a lot of photos taken.
Crystal and Samantha...Mother and Daughter.
Samantha and her boyfriend, JT.
Dallas Cowboy Stadium... Did you know this place is PAID FOR already?  They also have 3700 TVs in the place...If you want to rent out the place for a wedding or party, beginning price is $100 thousand dollars...(I now know how Jerry Jones paid for it!)   Well, guess I'll try to post this...and start looking around here in Blogger...I also don't see the "return to old blogger" sign....super... Enjoy your day!