Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Crystal Cooks...

 I guess Crystal feels sorry for me and her Dad here at work today...She fixed us some lunch.  I have NO idea what they were but they were tasty!  Won Ton wraps, avocado, re-fried beans and cheese over some sort of meat filling.  Very Good!
 These were scones that Hubby made last weekend...green onion and cheese.  Wonderful with my home made butter!
And finally, this is my sister, Ruth Ann's, new toy watch dog...Hahaaaa....Her name is Ninny and she protects a colt that's not very old.  They make really great watch dogs you know, or maybe you didn't.
SO...as you can see, I have done absolutely nothing except sneeze my head off from all this crazy February weather!  Trees are actually budding out down here in Texas!  Temps are in the 60's, 70's and sometimes in the low 80's!!!  I'm not griping because I can't stand the cold but this is just too weird...not normal!  Guess it'll make for a wet Spring, who knows?!  Groundhog DID see his shadow...
Well, guess I'll go find something to do.  Hope you all are staying warm and dry...or wet and cool...Hahaaa...Just have a Safe day where ever you are!