Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Rudolph? Already?

Well, well! Christmas picture? Already? Yep! It's coming folks. Ready or not, it's on it's way. Out of 35yrs of marriage, I've only been completely ready twice. That means that I had my shopping for presents done, meal planned and the basics bought and in the freezer or pantry...waiting. Also, that everything was completely paid for. This whole holiday season really begins with Halloween. From there, it's a rush and a push to get it all done. I have already bought two things for relatives and they are stored away awaiting the arrival of more. Everything that goes into the storage room will be completely paid for!!! How can you really enjoy Christmas or anything else on Christmas morning if you look at the pile of presents and think to yourself, "geez, the bills!" No Way!!! I won't ever do that again! I've set a deadline for myself for December 1st to have every present bought. I have zero balances on both of my credit cards and I like it that way. If I use the cards for anything, I immediately get online and pay it back to zero. I get the extra credit for using the card (cash back) and it's paid off. Writing a check and mailing it in cost money. This way I get paid for my shopping. Win ,win all around. I know it's not always possible to do it, but if you can, and your only excuse is just that you put things off, well...jingle bells. So, on that note, I guess I'll get busy and start planning for Halloween...candy...that was easy enough...Thanksgiving? Turkey...there again...easy. Christmas? As I said before, I'm a Christmas person. I put The Christmas Carol on the TV or ...The Mummy...(love those movies) and I decorate the tree. Pots of coffee, laughter and just plain fun. So, who's with me? Bills? No bills? Now where's my stocking? Y'all have a great night and a better tomorrow.