Friday, March 11, 2011


What a horrible thing to have happen...earthquake. Affecting not Only Japan but at least 20 other countries. I'm watching the coverage on TV this morning and am still waiting for the waves to hit our West Coast areas. I pray you will all be safe! Would you believe just how many people are not even AWARE that the quake has happened??? I did payroll, had to make my rounds to the banks and retail stores...NONE of the clerks in ANY of the places I stopped had heard the news! Do some people have an aversion to turning on SOME device that will tell them what's going on in their world? We have the New Madrid fault line right in the center of the United States! I wonder just how many people are aware of THAT fact?'s been a hotbed of activity lately! Tennessee, Arkansas, Northern Texas, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky....It seems no one is ready in case of least not the people I talked to this morning! If an emergency should happen in your area, do you realise the chaos that will ensue if you have not prepared ahead of time? ALL food and supplies will be gone from shelves within 3-4 days. No trucks coming in to deliver more! Have you got candles? Batteries? Water? Food? Money? Radios? There's too much to do at the last minute...get prepared Now! We live in Central Texas and with Spring coming....comes Tornados.
Look around your home and make a checklist of what you don't have and get it bought! Don't put it off. We Never know what tomorrow will bring but for God's sake, turn on a radio or the TV even if it's just for a few minutes! Yeah, I'm griping this morning....Sometimes I just want to scream at some people..."WAKE UP!!!"
NOW....Try to have a good and safe weekend.....Hahaaa......