Friday, February 1, 2008

The Love Month has Arrived

Well, it's official..the Love month has arrived. Really now... where in the world did January go?? Just two days ago it was Jan 2nd..wasn't it??LOL.Geez..Although I must say the Sun is shining and the birds are chirping..Oopssss..sorry to all of y'all east of the Mississippi...and north and west...How 'bout you Florida??? LOL..sorry, I know that karma's gonna get me.
Cooking a pork roast for supper. Hubby has taken control of the kitchen, my memory is beginning to fade, but a few ideas do pop in occassionally. And there MUST be food on the table by 3:45pm for the kiddos when they get off the bus...or trust me, I'll hear about it...from Them!!LOL So, I suppose I'll get this post done and get in the kitchen and "invent" something to go along with the roast. I did buy some wheat tortillas for pork wraps either Saturday or Sunday because there will be leftover roast...and you have to do something with it. Y'all have a warm and cozy evening and I'll talk to you tomorrow.