Friday, September 9, 2011

What a Week...

These are some photos of the fire that wiped out the town of Bastrop, Texas. There were lots more but you get the idea. 1400 homes, people we know and lots that we don't. Horrible. The town is about 70 miles south of us. We also have fires just north of us...30, 40 can smell the smoke in the air. The ones north of us, they think teens set them. I pray God deals with them....Please keep Texas in your prayers. I also see Pennsylvania is suffering with the flooding...On and On. Hope you are safe and sound where ever you are!
I Also ask for prayers to be sent to Miz Brenda of Whats Up Down South. James, her husband, suddenly passed away Wednesday. He was only 59. If you want her address, please email me.
So much prayer needed lately....It's also 9/11 weekend...10 years.
Try to enjoy your weekend. Just be watchful. Sorry for such a downer post...I've had such an Awful time getting Blogger to post anything!! Anybody else having the same problem? You hit Publish and it just sits there...uggggg