Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Little bit of Meme...

Factoid #1. When I was little, I wanted to be a Lawyer.....What???!!! a little older...wanted to join the Navy.......yes I a little older, wanted to be a a little older, decided to become a nurse, marry a plumber (my first grade love was taken) and sail the 7 Seas. As for winning all my cases? That's debatable...

Factoid# 2. I love any and all stain glass. Hubby and I took a course years ago, but we never really got off the ground. Too much other stuff happening. Oh well, maybe someday we'll get back to it.

Fact# 3. I love to collect Anything Scrooge. I bought these plates about ten years ago. Can't get anymore.

Factoid# 4. I HATE to shop for shoes. I know, I's not normal, as a woman, to NOT like shoe shopping...I've had these old Reeboks for over 130 years....They're still going strong.
SO now my sweetest little friends....It's your turn!!! All of you!!! I know you're out there!!!
You've been TAGGED!!! Everyone on my Blogroll!!!! You know who you are! All Except NITA...(the trouble maker)....LOL Well? Go on... Christmas holidays? You're busy??? I think there's static on the line.....w at?....d d y ou sa something? We're breaking up......

More Fun Quizzes at

Found this on Blondies (Vintage Primatives) blog....I might have known.....she has a lot of fun things to do over there! See what your Elf name is! Better than Sunny Spirit-Fingers?? I don't think so.....LOL